“While I was in Drug Court as a case manager, I kinda developed a few favorites (I know you’re not supposed to do that!). “T” was, by far, my favorite Drug Court participant. She came in (this time), while we were all working at home during COVID and my heart just broke for her as I learned more about her and talked with her as she was struggling so badly. Anyway – her honesty is what solidified my fondness for her.  When she was checking in to screen this afternoon, we were talking about what she’s going through now and I asked her if she had a solid set of peers that she can call at the drop of a hat for support and she mentioned how the team at J’s Place were the ones who really helped her get into rehab and her get her footing. That’s why I wanted to just say thank you. Thank you for being the rock for people who need it. Thank you for offering instant understanding and support for people when they are in the most vulnerable spots of their lives.

Not just for T, but for everyone… just, thank you!

Lane Gilreath, Laboratory Technician
Hall County Treatment Services
Drug Screening Laboratory