Old behavior vs a new way of living

by: Jordan Hussey, Executive Director

I struggled for years as most in my addiction with isolating and avoiding events with my family and old friends. I found myself only comfortable around people that used the way that I did and even more so completely by myself. When I finally found recovery, I didn’t know how to be around other people. Even in my own home, around my family, my anxiety and inability to just be got the best of me time and time again. I didn’t even know how to articulate what I was feeling or why.

What we know now is that isolation, while comfortable at times is not necessarily a healthy choice for us. We need others to grow, to learn and to keep us from making choices we shouldn’t. We believe that the opposite of addiction is not the abstinence of substances but is connection. Here at J’s Place we encourage you, no matter where you find yourself on the journey to recovery, to stretch from your norm. Come on in and be connected. Try something new and surround yourself with people who understand. We have new events and several meeting options to choose from. We want you to know that we are here.